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Getting all immigration requirements dealt with

Particularly when moving to Switzerland, getting all the immigration requirements dealt with before arriving or shortly thereafter is key to ensuring you are able and allowed to work and can settle into, and get your belongings delivered to, your new home asap. Atlas Switzerland is able to assist you with all these requirements.



Preparing, orienting, doubting

Are you relocating to work in a foreign country? Then you should focus on preparing for your new job and where you’ll be living, without having to worry about the details of your relocation. For this reason, Atlas International Movers takes the entire expat relocation process off your hands.


More than planning and packaging goods

Since our daily work involves relocations to New York, Sydney or Singapore for example, you can count on us to ensure a very efficiently organised and problem-free expat relocation experience for individuals and also businesses.

  • New people

  • Discover

  • New Surroundings


Arrival, unpacking and settling in

Our expat relocation service does not end there: even after your belongings arrive, Atlas International Movers will help you with practical matters in order to enable you to pick up your “normal life” as quickly as possible. Our professional partners can help you find a good school for your children, as well as a new home. Contact us and ask us about our expat relation service options!


Embracing the new environment

Expat relocation abroad is not just about moving your household goods to a new address. It means a relocation of your entire personal life. For this reason, Atlas International Movers provides you with support in organising the practical aspects of your life at your new destination with “Destination Services”. For example, arranging a nursery for your children, obtaining telephone and Internet connections and signing up with clubs. This will ensure that your family feels at home more quickly, no matter where it might be in the world.

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